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CAPS International Chair: Upcoming conference with Sinead McDonald


A Dublin based artist and media lecturer, Sinead McDonald is based in the Media and Fine Art departments at the Technological University (TU), Dublin. As the current International Chair of the Rennes 2 graduate school 'Creative Approaches to Public Space' (CAPS), she will be holding a conference on April 11th at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme en Bretagne (MSHB). 

Sinead McDonald
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The CAPS research and teaching team is pleased to welcome Ms. Sinead McDonald to its campus.  

Ms. McDonald's research and practice focuses on developing new methods and methodologies to explore and interrogate intra-disciplinary practice. She works at the nexus of art, engineering, science, and the body; her doctoral research explores the materiality of the body as a site of knowledge-making, and the interrogation of its epistemic, biological, technological, and intra-species alliances and entanglements. Her research trajectories are heavily influenced by feminist new materialist philosophy, animal studies, critical posthumanism, composting-with-care, and queer theory. 

Her upcoming conference is titled: "Eutrophia: exploring intra-active practices for living well with other-than-humans"

"This talk investigates intra-disciplinary practices in a fine art context, and how artists engaging with methodologies from across the sciences, the arts, and the humanities can help shift perspectives from the human-centric to more sustainable, symbiotic ways of being-with and living-with. In a time of growing eco-social crisis, can centring care and flourishing create new pathways to knowledge ?"