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Open Science at the Heart of Rennes 2 University’s Institutional Strategy


In January 2022, Rennes 2 launched the SOcle portal, a tool for raising awareness of open science, and a further mark of its commitment to democratizing access to knowledge. Today, the portal is also newly available in English, providing our international teacher-researchers and doctoral students with the opportunity to better understand the numerous tools at their disposal.

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The below is a translation of the French article which can be found here.

Open science has been a priority for Rennes 2 University since 2017, when the HAL portal opened, helping to make research work in the arts, humanities, languages, social sciences and sports sciences visible. Our institution has subsequently continued to strengthen and structure its approach to developing open science, setting up an open science steering committee and supporting a team with diverse skills to help researchers put open science into practice. This operational working group is made up of information professionals, engineers, legal experts and teacher-researchers from the SCD, URFIST, MSHB,  the Legal and Institutional Affairs Office and the Research and Innovation Division.

In January 2022, a new milestone was reached with the launch of the SOcle portal, the collaborative result of the working group's efforts. The aim of this platform is to provide a one-stop shop and personalized support for researchers, with concrete tools for practicing open science: monitoring and advice, particularly on data management, guidance on the various publication channels and funding procedures, referral to training if needed, etc. One year after its launch, the portal has more than 300 visitors and 1,000 page views per month. This stable traffic reflects the interest shown by the university community. "We're continuing to raise awareness of the challenges of open science among teaching and research staff, and to allay their fears," says Fiona Edmond, scientific data librarian and SOcle Project Manager.

Rennes 2 has also adopted a charter in favor of open science, in which it commits to:

  • generalise open access to publications
  • promote biblio-diversity and editorial diversity
  • make research data as open as possible
  • raise awareness of open science, provide training and support; 
  • champion science done for and by society
  • implement effective governance of open science

On March 24th, 2023, our Research Commission adopted an operational version of the charter, with a priority action plan for the period 2023-2028 proposed by the steering committee dedicated to open science (available in the right-hand column). As pledged in an association agreement signed on January 27th with the University of Rennes, Rennes 2 will implement a multi-disciplinary open science policy, for the benefit of all institutions in the Rennes area, in terms of opening up publications, and ensuring biblio-diversity and editorial-diversity objectives.

The ARDOISE project, run jointly by Rennes 2 and the University of Rennes, and involving research platforms from the Rennes area, has just been recognized as being on course to receive the "Atelier de la donnée" label by Recherche data Gouv. The ARDOISE one-stop shop promotes the generalization of best practices and interdisciplinary exchanges in research data management by the pooling of strengths, resources and skills, simplifying access to services, and offering a comprehensive range of training and support services for research teams and projects.

Rennes 2 is also involved in a number of regional projects aimed at developing open science (SO PUR, Plateforme régionale d'ouverture des données de recherche et des publications scientifiques en sciences humaines et sociales, supported by the Maison des sciences de l'homme en Bretagne). In 2024, a research space will be set up at the Rennes 2 University Library, with an office for the MSHB datalab, work rooms for researchers and PhD students, and a reception and support desk for data management.

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