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Rennes 2 Kicks Off the Year with a Focus on Eco-friendly Transport 


As part of our ongoing commitment to contributing to the life of the students and community of today and tomorrow, this event is meant to reduce our ecological footprint and improve the quality of life and well-being on and off our campuses.

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On September 21st, as part of the European Mobility Week 2021, and our University Transport Plan, Rennes 2 is offering students and staff a variety of activities focused on ways  to discover the joys of soft mobility on the Villejean campus.

The event comes shortly after Rennes 2’s Campus Week, which took place on September 14th and 15th, and which presented students with many ways to discover the sustainable tools and resources available to them on campus: the city, Rennes Métropole, is also present to explain selective waste sorting, free grocery store, recycling center, and more.

The day’s activities will begin from 8am and run throughout the afternoon. 

On the program:

 Discovering the best bike-bus routes (for staff)

  • 5 routes will be proposed: Bike to work with your colleagues. Experienced users will provide great advice for beginners. (Breakfast offered upon arrival)

Bike exchange market: where every year, more than 100 bikes are given a second life at Rennes 2!

  • Sale/purchase of second-hand bikes: Members of the Rennes 2 community are invited to participate in our bike exchange market! Staff and students can sell their old bikes to new students who are arriving in Rennes! They just need to drop off the bike in question and our bike experts (volunteers) will sell it for them, without commission (a price is fixed according to the condition of the bike on the advice of the organizers). The organizers reserve the right to refuse any bike that is not safe enough to be put back on the road.

 Engraving of anti-theft code on bikes

  • With the aim of decreasing bike theft, our experts will help interested persons to engrave their bikes. Bike engraved bikes are generally easier to recover in the case of theft and often serve to dissuade the ill-intentioned. Identification is required.

Bike self-repair workshop "La roue libre”

  • The student organization Ar Vuhez lends a hand in providing the necessary tools and advice to maintain and repair bikes. You can also find used or new parts at cost price.

 Meet and Greet with Local Public Transport operators 

  • Regional transportation networks (STAR, Breizh Go, SNCF/TER and Citiz Rennes Métropole) will be present and ready to help students and staff with information on: Korrigo transport cards, subscription purchases, student passes, electric bike trials...