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International Students: Preparing for your arrival at Rennes 2


Are you soon to be an international student at Rennes 2 University? If so, read on to find out important information that will help you prepare for the start of your academic year with us!

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The new school year is fast-approaching, and we've updated all the important information so you can start your rentrée off on the right foot!


See a full list of things to know before and upon arrival by going here. 


See the academic calendar dates for 2019 - 2020 here.


Find out about other important campus-related events (including information on the International Students' Day, International Exchange Students Orientation and Welcome Week and the Journée Campus) here. 


Sign up to meet a buddy with whom  you can explore the campus and the city. 


Don't forget to check out our new Welcome 2 Rennes 2 youtube page, which includes helpful videos that will allow you to get acquainted with Rennes 2 procedures and staff before your arrival!


Looking for similar lists in French?

Look here. 

And here.



SAVE THE DATE: Journée Campus, Escape Game

Enter the "Flescape - Welcome to the University" experience

Come save the university!

When: Journée Campus, Wednesday, September 11, from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: Plateau Bourdon, Building D, Villejean Campus

Duration of the game: 30 minutes


Escape Games Journée Campus

The Escape Game "FLEscape - Welcome to the University" is a fun and educational activity entirely created and implemented by the students of the Master DDL of Rennes 2 University for the welcoming of incoming international students.

A true peer-to-peer educational program, FLEscape promotes the integration of newcomers by promoting team cohesion, which must, together, solve puzzles to "save the university"!

The first two platforms, created in 2018 and 2019, invite new students to immerse themselves in the subtleties of the university (modes of grading, formal and informal modes of address, travel on campus, recognition of university services). A new platform is planned for 2020, which will focus on finding internships and jobs for international students.

Within Rennes 2 University, FLEscape is installed (free of charge) several times a year, at the beginning of each academic year, during the Journée Campus event (in September), during the International Week (in November), during the Portes Ouvertes event (in February) and, at the request of Rennes 2 partner institutions  in Rennes (IEP, INSA, Rennes 1, CMI).