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The Mário Soares Chair: Opportunity for short-term research grant with Rennes 2 University


As part of a cooperation agreement with the Camoes Institute, Rennes 2 University inaugurated the Mario Soares Chair on December 14th, 2021. The program offers a short research grant (from 2 weeks to 1 month), which will take place during the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024.

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With the aim of strengthening scientific and cultural collaboration with Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries, Rennes 2 is again accepting applications for this research-centered project. The researcher who will be accepted for the position will be working in conjunction with the Bibliotheque Universitaire (Rennes 2 University Library) and the "Chagas Franco" and/or "Paulo Osório" collections. 

Sezinando Chagas Franco (1878-1944) was an officer in the Portuguese army; he participated in the First World War in France and was the first reader of Portuguese at the University of Rennes, between 1921 and 1940. Paulo Osório (1882-1965) was a journalist and press attaché of the Portuguese Embassy in Paris, who had an official role in the political and cultural propaganda of the “Estado Novo” in France.

The collections were donated to Rennes 2 University by the respective heirs.

A brief description of the collections

"Chagas Franco": original manuscripts of Chagas Franco's works (didactic manuals, novels, lectures); small file containing identification documents and press cards; about 50 printed volumes, mostly the author's works.

"Paulo Osório": 20 voluminous files containing press clippings accumulated throughout his professional life, mostly articles published by the author as a correspondent in Paris for various Portuguese press organs (Ilustração Portuguesa, O Dia, Diário de Notícias); about 400 volumes from his personal library, about half of which were dedicated by the authors (António Ferro, Augusto de Castro and many others).


Interested applicants should be working on research that contributes to the understanding of these collections, relevant for the study of the agents and networks of Portuguese culture and propaganda in France until the early 1960s. A good knowledge of the Portuguese language is essential.

Due to renovation work being done in the library, the stay will preferably take place between October and December 2023.

The amount of the grant is between 500 and 1,000€, depending on the duration of the stay.

The application should consist of a CV and a research project (3 pages minimum).