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A New Cultural Season for 2023-2024


Rennes 2 University's Cultural Services Office is delighted to offer an enlightening and multidisciplinary program each year that is open to everyone in the university community as well as to the larger public. Crafted with participation from teachers, researchers, student associations, and other local partners, the activities proposed range from concerts, film projections and photography exhibitions, to roundtable discussions on equality and more. Read on to see what's planned for this year.


Culture 2023-24
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The entire Cultural Services team is delighted to inaugurate the programming for the new 2023-2024 cultural season!

In tune with current and social issues, and in conjunction with local cultural players and events, the program will once again provide fertile ground for developing exchanges and opening minds. Nurtured by artists and the university community, it reflects what drives us: to learn, to marvel and to be together. We look forward to talking to you about the many artistic events to come!

A few of the upcoming events

For the occasion of the inauguration on September 14th, Rennes 2 will be welcoming Émie Baron, winner of the latest edition of the Tremplin de musiques actuelles "À vous de jouer! Thanks to her unsettling timbre and intimate lyrics, she won over the jury and then the audience at Le Tambour last April. Joining forces again with singer and musician Amour Printemps, this young songwriter and author will transport us to the heart of her sensitive folk universe, inspired in particular by the music of Jeff Buckley.


September 15-17, The Works of Art on the Villejean Campus: Guided Tours by Students  from the Master's program in Heritage, History and Territorial Mediation

Part of the European Heritage Days (Journées Européennes du Matrimoine et du Patrimoine)

Created in 1984 by the French Ministry of Culture, the aim of the European Heritage Days is to showcase the extraordinary wealth of our heritage to as many people as possible, through original events, unusual tours and exceptional openings.

To mark the occasion, the cultural department and the Master's degree in Heritage, History and Territorial Mediation (MPHT) have designed a guided tour of the works of art on the Villejean campus. New this year! Works of art on the Villejean, La Harpe and Mazier campuses now feature a presentation in French Sign Language, accessible via a QR Code available on the exhibition labels.



October 5-6, Terra Australis, Immersive Musical Performance By Pierre Huyghe (Ephere) In Collaboration With Ella Daly

As part of the Verdoyons! cycle and the Maintenant festival, Terra Australis is an artistic project combining the arts and sciences.

Terra Australis, or "Land of the South", is an ancient concept referring to a hypothetical continent located in the southern hemisphere, which would balance out geographically with the lands of the northern hemisphere. Since the dawn of time, it has inspired a mythical imagination that has given rise to numerous explorations, including the discovery of the Kerguelen Islands in 1772. 

Terra Australis

Terra Australis, 2023 © Ella Daly


November 9th, Contre Nature, Photographic Theater-Narrative By Compagnie Tra Le Mani

As part of the Verdoyons! cycle.

A 2023 creation by and starring François Lepage and Patrice Le Saëc, written and directed by Alexis Fichet. On his return from an expedition to Antarctica, François Lepage gives a photographic account of an unspeakable experience: crossing a breathtaking, extravagant and mysterious territory. This discovery of the sixth continent, untouched by human activity - a form of nature before mankind - raises questions for the artist about the great human adventure and our relationship with living things. 22,000 kilometers away, in Brittany, Patrice has just arrived in François' village. He left Paris to reconnect with his rural roots. Today, this 40-something in transition, nurtured by ecological values, seeks to put his readings into practice. Contre nature is a funny, sensitive, poetic and lively tale, an exploration of our relationship with nature.




November 15th, Les Algues Maudites, Short Film By Antonin Peretjatko

Focus on green algae, as part of the Verdoyons! cycle.

With Alma Jodorowski, Pauline Chalamet, Clarisse Lhoni-botte, Esteban, Fred Tousch.

A scientist in a yellow suit is sampling green algae on a Breton beach. Lifting his mask, he drops dead. Panic in the village: he's not the first to disappear, and the municipality rightly suspects toxic algae. But there's no question of threatening tourism or blaming intensive farming for this evil invasion. The mayor prefers to suspect the Parisian "bobos" who rent Airbnb on the beachfront. But all it takes is one big tide for the disappeared to re-emerge from the seaweed carpet in zombie form. From there, of course, everything goes downhill. A zany film, haunted by ecological issues and populated by zombies, based on genre humor and the absurdity of clichés.

Algues Maléfiques

Poster of the film Les Algues maléfiques by Antonin Peretjatko


November 16th, Roundtable with Mandy Barker,  creator of the photographic exhibit Plastic sea

A meeting in conjunction with Mandy Barker's exhibition Plastic sea, co-hosted by Jean-Christophe Godet, Artistic director of the GLAZFESTIVAL, and Sophie Mesplède, teacher-researcher in the English Department at Rennes 2 University.

Mandy Barker's photographic series Plastic sea focuses on the mass accumulation of plastic debris in our seas and oceans. The aim of this work is to establish a dialogue with the viewer, to awaken his or her consciousness by creating an emotional contradiction between the initial aesthetic attraction and the horror of what is shown. Read the interview with the artist here.

More eclectic events available here.

Equality Tuesdays: Conferences and Debates 

In conjunction with the Equality Mission of the University, the Cultural Services Office is also proud to offer each month an event  centered on topics related to equality issues. Les Mardis de l'égalité (Equality Tuesdays) is a series of meetings designed to create opportunities for discussion and debate on equality and the fight against violence and discrimination. The events are free of charge and open to the general public. These meetings can also be found online at the University's official webmedia channel: L'aire d'u.

Equality Tuesday events for this first semester include: 


September 26th, Histoires de compositrices (Stories of Women Composers), a lecture by Hélouise Luzzati

A dedicated and engaging musician, cellist Héloïse Luzzati has for many years been involved in the discovery and recognition of musical heritage. In 2020, she founded Elles Women Composers, an association whose mission is to make up for the absence of women in today's musical programming. The project is based on research into manuscripts and scores, which are the subject of daily reading sessions.



October 24th, Classer nos manières de parler, Classer les gens (Classifying our Ways of Speaking, Classifying People), a lecture by Malo Morvan

A lecture organized in partnership with Éditions du commun and INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel.

Not only do we make daily use of vague, ill-defined categories to designate our ways of speaking, but this usage also has the social consequences of sidelining certain populations who do not express themselves according to norms often first established at school. In his book Classer nos manières de parler, classer les gens, published in 2022 by Editions du commun, Malo Morvan analyzes the theoretical presuppositions and social effects of the qualifiers we use to designate language practices.

Classer les gens

© Editions du commun


November 21st, Paroles et Portraits de Femmes: Des mots sur des maux, Conference to present the AP Femmes Project (2022-2024)

As part of the Mardis de l'égalité cycle, and in conjunction with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Round-table discussion around issues of gender equality and the fight against violence against women, with Annie Guillerme and Antoine Eveillé, respectively co-president and mission coordinator of the FR- CIDFF de Bretagne, and VIPS2 laboratory teacher-researchers Gaëlle Sempé, Sarah Bellec, François Le Yondre, Noemi Garci Arjona.



December 5th, Research-creation - When rap meets visual anthropology

Presentation of a research-creation project involving two researchers, anthropologist Anna Cuomo and musicology doctoral student Paul Transon, and the DMZ association.

This research-creation project involves the design of a hybrid video format, at the crossroads of documentary and music video. Its aim is to build a bridge between artistic promotion and anthropology.

Le Rap