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Rennes 2's Verdoyons! 2021 Festival: Get involved in sustainable development on our campuses


As the UN COP26 takes place, we offer you the third edition of the cycle Verdoyons! on Rennes 2 campuses.

From November 8th to December 3rd, 2021, discover a series of workshops, meetings, exhibitions and shows about ecology, sustainable development and our relationship with the environment. Through these events, we invite you to reflect on societal issues and to, together, create a sustainable and desirable future!

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Organized by several central services of Rennes 2, (the cultural office, libraries and the sustainable development mission of the university), the "Verdoyons" Festival aims to highlight local actions that contribute to the development of sustainable campuses. The public is invited to create sustainable and desirable futures! It is a set of events open to all, whose goal is to raise awareness about ecology.

Some of the upcoming events include: 


From November 8th to December 20th

Outdoor exhibition "L'arbre d'énergie" (The tree of energy) Photographs by François Fontes Abrantes

The work of François Fontes Abrantes is a poetic work that questions the hidden face of trees. The photographer questions our perception of reality and our sensitivity and takes a tender look at nature. 

> Free admission // Villejean Campus, outside


Tuesday November 9th

Quiz'Inn game "L’alimentation durable" (Sustainable food) by the association Aux goûts du jour

Come and test your knowledge of sustainable food and leave with lots of tips for better eating.         

> 12.45pm - 2pm // Duration of the game: 30 minutes // Hall building B                                                                                   

> Free on registration at gwenaellubrano.agdj [at] gmail.com


Tuesday 16th November        

Forum of green associations   

The student and Rennes associations present their activities: Ar Vuhez, L'épicerie gratuite, Le Réseau Etudiant pour une Société Ecologique et Solidaire, La Fresque Quizz, La belle déchette, Zero Waste Rennes, Bretagne Cens, Aux goûts du jour, La nature en ville, Terre de liens, Les cigales de Bretagne, Le Galléco, la Maison de la consommation et de l'environnement, le collectif de soutien aux victimes des pesticides de l'Ouest.        

> 12pm-2pm // Hall building L // Free admission



From November 16 to January 4th

Photo exhibition "Reserves: Intimate dialogues with the natural world

This exhibition is a look at protected areas and the men and women who are in charge of them. It explores the complex and sometimes mysterious relationships that humans have with the natural world and the rupture they have with nature. The photographs of François Lepage and the texts of environmental researchers echo this.

> BU Centrale // Free admission

> Opening on Nov 16 at 6pm (free admission with a health pass)

Photo François Lepage

Photo credit: François Lepage





Thursday, November 18th       
Play "Requiem for a smartphone" written, directed and performed by Emmanuel Lambert, Cie Bulles de Zinc
The object of the crime? A smartphone placed on Amina's stomach, who fell asleep in the bangs of a desert. Smartphone around which gravitate three characters. Each will deliver his life story, the one that links him to this digital object: from slavery in the mines of Congo to the reckless love for a young woman full of anger.                                                                                   
Two short plays that intertwine to question the consequences of the over-digitization of our societies. And our way of (re)considering life on this earth.                                                                                             
An ode to nature that oscillates between rage, tenderness and poetry. A shock show! 
> 12:45pm to 1:35pm // Change of venue: Agora (1st floor of the BU)  
> Free admission upon presentation of a health pass

 Photo Vincent Sarrazin

 Photo credit: Vincent Sarrazin


Conference "Climate change in Brittany" by Vincent Dubreuil, research professor at the LETG-Rennes-COSTEL Laboratory, Rennes 2

The publication of the 6th IPCC report in August 2021 confirmed the urgency of the climate issue: warming is accelerating and will continue if anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced. In Brittany, the changes are already visible and the LETG's studies demonstrate their current and probable future impacts in the city and in the countryside.   

> 14h-15h30 // BU centrale 

> Free admission upon presentation of a health pass


Monday, November 22nd                 

Webinar workshop "I'm going washable".

Program "Zero waste, and if we put ourselves there?" of Rennes Metropole 

> 6:00-7:30 pm // Free with registration: https://www.linscription.com/pro/activite.php?P1=48900   


Thursday November 25th                     

DIY workshops

Participate in one or more homemade workshops during your lunch break:

- Cereal Bars by Student Health Services

- Furoshiki gift wrapping by Zero Waste Rennes

- Sewing of bulk bags by ESS CARGO & Cie and EduLab

> from 12pm // Hall bât L

> Free with registration at julie.clement [at] univ-rennes2.fr



These are just a few of the events which will be offered, see the full program here.