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The three APP laboratories focus primarily on contemporary artistic and cultural creation in its various aspects. They are organized around a main program with “change” as the common denominator: TECHNES for cinema, Mutations 20 / 21 for music, and Historicity and Changes in the Creative Act for theatre. A synergy exists between activities in several fields of research, for example, TECHNES and Mutations 20 / 21 around new technologies, Mutations 20 / 21 and Historicity and Changes in the Creative Act around the act of creation.

Research Topics

By collectively rethinking techniques, history and aesthetics, the members and partners of the TECHNES programme aim to gain more in-depth knowledge of technological changes and their interactions with the theories, aesthetics and practices of cinema. In recent years, most of the laboratory’s work has been dedicated to a programme that questions the changes involved in the transition to digital: Audiovisual techniques and their uses: history, epistemology, aesthetics.

Musical research activities come together around the Mutations 20 / 21 programme, which is particularly interested in the fragmentation that appeared in the 20th century, the effects of which are now becoming increasingly noticeable. The main themes are changes in musical behaviours (creation, performance, listening) and their aesthetic challenges, the impact of new technologies (automation, immersion, interaction), world music in the face of globalization (emergence of new ethnomusicology research objects).

Historicity and changes in the creative act. This programme addresses theatre research on the renewal of the creative act and the changes in European artistic practices. This transdisciplinary programme is organized around five ideas: analysing creation processes, archiving these processes, historical and theoretical approaches to cultural and artistic hybridizations, analysing artist discourse, writing the history of time into the field of performing arts.


Key Figures: 22 lecturer-researchers / 32 PhD students



A transdisciplinary group of researchers from APP and Psychopathology Studies (RPpsy), in collaboration with the Department of Psychoanalysis from University Paris 8, Kairos develops four-year programmes on artistic creation, punctuated with study days, colloquia and collective publications. Since 2010, programmes have included Rehearsal and Creation, The Body and Artistic Creation, and currently Artistic Creation, Crisis and Malaise in Civilization.

The ANR programme BEAUVIATECH aims to problematize, through a historical, epistemological, aesthetic, and socio-professional viewpoint, the place occupied by technology cinema history and theory. It uses Aaton company archives deposited at the Cinémathèque Française by Jean-Pierre Beauviala, its founder and director from 1971 to 2013.