Research Centre for Education, Learning and Didactics (CREAD)

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Research Centre for Education, Learning and Didactics (CREAD) - EA 3875: The main objective of CREAD research is to understand and explain the practices in training, teaching, learning and the environments in which the different stakeholders are involved in, while relating these practices to the theories in Human Sciences and the society, especially in Education Sciences, Sociology, Psychology and Didactics.

The team is working on two main areas of research:

  • Instruments and Activity Measures (technologies for education and training: design, modelling and practice / experience in the human development)
  • Institutions and Education Practices (knowledge practices, geneses and transmission / educational institutions and its stakeholders)


Jérôme Eneau and Jean-Marie Boilevin

jerome.eneau [at]

jean-marie.boilevin [at]