Department of Breton and Celtic Studies

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The department of Breton and Celtic prepares students for a variety of professions, particularly training and teaching. However, the organization of the curriculum makes it possible to acquire useful skills related to other professional fields like documentation, tourism or professions related to social areas.

We are also in the process of opening the curriculum to a new level of students: novice specialists. As part of this restructuring, the best elements (confirmed level) are invited to enroll in double-cursus (Breton / History, Breton / Sociology, Breton / English ...).

Career Opportunities: Students of this field may find it particularly useful for career opportunities within the teaching profession.

The organization of courses in teaching units or modules also allows the student to build an individualized course and thus acquire skills useful for insertion in other professions like documentation, editing, communication, journalism, administration, tourism, services to companies and any profession requiring the knowledge of Breton.


Department Head:
Herve Le Bihan
herve.lebihan [at]

Thomas Nouvion
thomas.nouvion [at]

Tel.: (0)2 99 14 17 02