Department of Languages Applied to Business and Translation

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Languages Applied to Business and Translation / Langues Étrangères Appliquées (LEA)

In a context of the globalized economy, the need for internationally-trained human resources is growing. Our department provides students with the opportunity to perfect two languages, including English (compulsory) and aims to familiarize them with socio-economic environment of international commerce, technical translation and e-commerce.

The Department offers courses in three languages: French, English and one of the following languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (according to the number of available places).

Pre-Professional Degree options:

  • At the Villejean campus, in Rennes:

    • International Commerce

    • Multilingual Translation and Communication (English + German or Spanish or Italian only).

  • At the Mazier campus, in Saint-Brieuc (English-Spanish only):

    • A program on International Commerce (similar to what is proposed in L1-L2), combined with E-Commerce at the L3 level

The translation course is only possible with the following language combinations: English and German, or Spanish or Italian. A good level of French is also needed.

The Bachelor’s program offers two specialization options:

  • Multilingual Translation and Communication

  • International Commerce and Languages

Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree, the department proposes a Master's program with specialization options such as:  

  • International Management and Marketing

  • International Trade CEEC / CIS: Central and Eastern European Countries / Commonwealth of Independent States

  • International Trade Master ALPI: Latin America and Iberian Peninsula

  • Translation and Project Management


Department Head:
Céline Guerot
celine.guerot [at]

Deputy Head:
Eric Gonzalez
eric.gonzalez [at]

For questions concerning applications and enrollment, please write to:

ufr-langues-secretariat-direction [at]
and jean-francois.sinegre [at]