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Created in 1978, the Department of Music Studies at Rennes 2 University is the only program of its kind in the Greater West, offering a complete curriculum in Music and Musicology, from the Bachelor's to the Doctoral level. The Department is part of the Arts, Literature and Communication Faculty, a set of artistic teachings very broad and is linked to recognized research teams.


At the Bachelor’s level, the program brings together theoretical, historical and practical disciplines and aims to provide students with a solid musical culture, the acquisition of knowledge and know-how within the field. The theoretical, methodological, historical and practical lessons, bring together disciplines such as music theory, ethnomusicology, history of European music (from Antiquity to contemporary music), jazz and traditional music, electro-acoustic music, training musical, writing, analysis, listening commentary, music practice (choral, vocal and instrumental).

At the Master’s level, students may focus on:

  • Musicology: includes general training in disciplinary research as well as courses and seminars more specifically oriented towards the relations between music, text, image and representation. It also serves as an opening today necessary for other artistic fields (painting, cinema, poetry, performing arts).
  • Music and teaching professions: integrates the preparation for the competition of recruitment of secondary school teachers (CAPES)
  • Digital creation: a multidisciplinary UFR training center on the questions raised by the growing presence of digital technologies in the arts (sound, visual, multimedia, video games, interactive, virtual reality etc). It is anchored in projects theoretical and practical research and aims to acquire a broader digital culture in all the arts.

Bachelor's Degree

Musicology Bachelor’s Degree

Master's Degree

Musicology Master’s degree