Art History and Criticism (HCA)

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Art History and Criticism (HCA) - EA 1279: Supported by a number of different methodological and disciplinary approaches (visual arts, architecture, music, archaeology and art philosophy & literature), the History and Criticism of Art centre is invested in a wide range of research areas, paying special attention to cultural transfer and the relationship between the arts. The HCA approaches the notions of art and criticism from very broad historical, theoretical and epistemological angles, fitting within the very wide field of the history of cultural art. Its activity can be broken down into four areas:

  • Criticism and its subjects: notions, frontiers, corpus
  • Objects, sites and architectures: designs and patrimonialisation
  • Political history of art (post-colonialism, gender and emancipation)
  • Interactions: philosophy of art, music, text, image




Hélène Jannière, Director

helene.janniere [at]

Laurence Bouvet-Levêque, Head of Unit

laurence.bouvet-leveque [at]