Multilingualism, Representations, Voices of the French-Speaking World, Interculturality, Communication and Sociolinguistics (PREFICS)

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The PREFICS unit is composed of two disciplinary research teams. They work on the language and communication dynamics for the organisation of contemporary societies, which are either strictly delimited (organisation, cities…) or informal (networks, geographical areas).

The CERESIF team (Language Sciences – Sociolinguistics) studies the multilingualism within local (sociolinguistics and intercultural dynamics in Brittany and in Rennes Metropole, in relation to the city policies), national and international French-speaking areas (analysis of practices related to the development of French in a multilingual environment: Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, Indian Ocean, South America, The Caribbean, Canada, Asia, Central and Southern Europe).

The CERSIC team (Information and Communication Sciences) studies social, organisational and institutional reorganisations related to the development of digital technologies and to the evolution of information and communication practices. The team also works on new forms of social structure (networks etc.), business transformations (“digital” skills, “collaborative” practices), rationalisation and accompanying speeches within different types of trade (industry, services) and non-trade activities.



Unit Co-directors:

Jean-Luc Bouillon and Mme Gudrun LEDEGEN

jean-luc.bouillon [at]

gudrun.ledegen [at]



Nelly Brégeault-Krembser

nelly.bregeault [at]

+33(0)2 99 14 15 04