Foreign and Regional Languages, Literature and Civilizations Bachelor’s Degree: Germanic Studies pathway

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The objective of this training course is to provide students with a sound knowledge of the Germanic world, in other words of the literature, culture and civilization of German-speaking countries, and proficiency in written and spoken German. Comprehension and oral and written language skills, which are essential for all types of workplace integration, are the subject of systematic training from the outset and are constantly built on throughout the course. Intensive translation (to and from German) practice is provided. Classes in literature, civilization and the history of ideas give students a thorough knowledge of the culture and arts of German-speaking countries and an understanding of their development. These classes are supplemented by practical exercises in reading and analysing written, audiovisual and iconographic documents, which enable students to establish links between the various teaching subjects and to hone their critical thinking skills.


  • Proficiency (oral and written) in a foreign language,

  • Proficiency in German to French and French to German translation in the fields of literature, culture, history and civilization (in its broadest sense),

  • Specific knowledge about history, geography, cultural and political history and contemporary civilization,

  • Ability to transfer and valorize this knowledge in a professional context.

Course Content

The degree is built as a progressive pathway of discovery, development and deepening of knowledge. It offers elective minor options in history, literature and art history. Each semester, with the exception of semester one, is structured around three broad areas:

  • linguistic skills

  • critical approach to German-language literature

  • critical approach to the civilization and culture of the Germanic world.