Rennes 2’s Declame'FLE Project in the spotlight during Open Education Global Conference 


The transnational European cooperation project, "DECLAME'FLE - Development of a FFL (French as a Foreign Language) Collaborative Space: Literature, Learning, Migration, Exile" will be presented by the Erasmus Plus National Agency as part of a presentation on innovative European initiatives on November 13.

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The first edition of the Open Education Global conference, organized online by the University of Lille, will this week feature a presentation and discussion of the Rennes 2 and LIDILE transnational project "DECLAME'FLE" within the greater context of innovative European initiatives on Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Mainly intended for teacher-researchers in higher education and university governance, this series of conferences focuses on tools and practices used in open education around the world with the goal of expanding access to and improving the quality of education, student contribution and success. 

It is in this context that Rennes 2 program, "DECLAME'FLE - Development of a FFL Collaborative Space: Literature, Learning, Migration, Exile", will be presented. Elisabeth Richard, the Project Coordinator, and Dolly Ramela, the Educational Engineer of the project, will illustrate the innovative educational initiatives supported by Europe during a larger presentation given by Marie-Pierre Chalimbaud (from the Erasmus Plus National Agency).

In the current context of increased migration, FFL teachers are urged to take the reality of these societal transformations into account in order to fully participate in the construction of an inclusive and pluralistic society. The DECLAME'FLE transnational European cooperation project, seeks to meet the challenge of intercultural dialogue by drawing on contemporary literature on migration and exile (French acronym: LIME) and to offer new open educational resources to teachers of French as a foreign language in initial or continuing education. 

Working with strategic partners from Slovakia and Poland, LIME offers a forum for mediation and the exchange of human experiences and constitutes the foundation for education in contemporary debates. A new approach to literature in FFL didactics calls for innovative teacher training: DECLAME'FLE's mission is to provide a digital collaborative space designed as a toolbox comprising methodological, didactic and pedagogical tools that are modular and co-constructed by the community (corpus of contemporary works, pedagogical scenarios, innovative collaborative workshop support sheets, skills map, enriched manuals, interactive watch and glossary). At the end of the project, the DECLAME'FLE Collaborative Space will allow all audiences to have access to the OERs and adjust them in order to achieve their own pedagogical or learning objectives. 

The conference is also being featured as part of Rennes 2’s International Week being held this week, from November 9-13.

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Aleksandra Gorzelany-Querard,

Project Manager at the International Office at Rennes 2

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Elizabeth Richard

Head of the Didactique des langues Department at Rennes 2

Directrice EA 3874 LIDILE - Linguistique, Ingénierie, Didactique des Langues

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