Department of Geography and Spatial Planning

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The Department of Geography and Spatial Planning welcomes approximately 800 students every year and offers programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels.


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Around 150 students pursue their Master’s degrees in geography at Rennes 2 University. Students wishing to pursue Doctoral studies may do so in conjunction with one of the research laboratories: COSTEL (UMR 6554 LETG) or ESO Rennes (UMR 6590).

At the Bachelor's level, the program offers general courses in all areas of geography to provide an overview of the discipline. As the training progresses, classes become more specialized, allowing students to choose their Master’s specialization later. Our Master's program provides students with three different specialized programs from which to choose.

Bachelor's Degree

Geography Bachelor’s Degree

Master's Degree

Geography, Planning, Environment and Development (GAED) Master’s Degree

Geomatics Master’s Degree: Geographic Information System and Territorial Analysis (SIGAT) pathway

Urban Planning and Development Master’s Degree