Department of Performing Arts

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The Department of Performing Arts aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the performing arts by helping them to acquire a thorough knowledge of essential works, and an understanding the economic, legal and institutional functioning of theater and/or cinema.

Coursework focuses on learning and mastering the tools of analysis (theatrical text analysis, dramaturgy, scenography and staging of performing arts, or analysis of scenario, staging and cinematographic forms), all key for the continuation of further specialized research work. We also facilitate the experiment with a certain number of practices (experience with stage, dramatic writing, dramaturgy, stage direction, or script writing, budgeting, preparation, filming, post-production), in order to become familiar with professional life of a technical and artistic team.

The pedagogical organization of our program encourages the building of bridges between theoretical and practical lessons at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. To this end, teachers within our department are reinforced by the experience and know-how of professionals, and we have developed close collaborations with theaters, cultural enterprises, companies, production companies, etc.

Bachelor's Degree

Performing Arts Bachelor’s Degree

Master's degree

Performing and Live Performing Arts Master’s Degree

Cinema and Broadcasting Master’s Degree