Department of Psychology

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The Department of Psychology deals with the different fields of psychology (social, cognitive, developmental, clinical, psychopathology, etc.), but also psychophysiology, neurophysiology, data analysis and methodological tools, such as statistics, all essential to the profession. A good level of math is therefore necessary. Psychology students often add courses from other disciplines (sociology, philosophy, law, etc.) in order to broaden potential career opportunities.

Career paths of the field are varied, from clinical psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychopathology to human resources, social work, or education professions to name just a few. The Department of Psychology has two research units related to the field: LP3C (for Psychology, Cognition, Behavior and Communication) and the research unit in Psychopathology Research (New Symptoms and the Social Bond).

Bachelor's Degree

Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

Master's Degree

Psychology Master’s Degree: clinical and psychoanalytic psychopathology

Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology and Health Psychology Master’s Degree

Psychology of Education and Training Master’s Degree: Education, Apprenticeships, School and Vocational Guidance pathway

Social, Occupational and Organizational Psychology Master’s Degree