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Get into Culture for Semester 2 at Rennes 2


In January, the Rennes 2 Cultural Office is offering a little warmth to our students and surrounding community with the help of a few cultural events meant to inspire, facilitate reflection, laugh, sing or by observing a story told through the eyes of another. In short, welcome to the Semester 2 Cultural Season of Rennes 2!


© Coralie, association MultiRegard

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With the arrival of the second semester at Rennes 2, comes numerous opportunities to get involved in the vast cultural offering on and around our campuses. Don’t miss out on the events happening throughout the month of January and early February. Below, we provide you with just a few examples. To see the full programme of what's being proposed, see the website of the Cultural Office

This month in particular, the cultural season is honoring the LGBTQIA+ culture. In this context, several events are proposed on the Villejean campus in partnership with the University's Equality Mission. 




© Aurore Bagarry, Courtesy Galerie Sit Down


Exhibition | Tumult of waters, forms of stones

From 12 January to 17 February

Landscapes are the forms of the Earth, sculpted by erosion. The master builder is water, which creates broad paintings, where the colors are provided by plants, grasses and algae. For the rest, the rock is gray, the ice is white.

Aurore Bagarry gives an account of the natural arts through her own, photography.

Photographs: Aurore Bagarry

Curator: Philippe Boulvais




Exhibition | Tarot Trans

From 16 January to 10 March  

"Tarot Trans" is a photographic project by Chilean artist Zaida González Ríos that appropriates the 22 major arcana of the Tarot by replacing the figures on the cards with non-standardized models, such as transgender people, migrants, people with disabilities, elderly people and others who correspond to the meaning of the assigned card. The relationship that is created between the tarot and these groups of people, through the medium itself, serves to break down the masks. Each card has extracted a set of identifying values for reflection that manifests itself through concepts such as: freedom, independence, power, creation, authority, wisdom, vindication, love, struggle, transcendence, victory and healing, among others. 

Photographs By Zaida González Ríos 

Tarot Trans

© Zaida González Ríos, Courtesy Galerie NegPos



Pont Supérieur

© Laurent Guizard



January 24, 8pm

The Pont Supérieur - a center for higher education in performing arts in Brittany and Pays de la Loire, offers you an evening dedicated to chamber music. The students, preparing their National Superior Professional Diploma of Musician (DNSPM), will perform on the stage of the Tambour in several instrumental and vocal formations.

A 100% carte blanche concert in which the chamber music ensembles will present both original works and arrangements, without limitation of form, genre or period. This is an opportunity for the public to make beautiful musical discoveries and to follow in a privileged way the career of these future professionals.



Exhibition | Portraits drags

From January 25 - March 1st

Organized by MULTIREGARD

"Drag is an art, a way of life. Drag queens and drag kings are artists, having fought, and still fighting today to be recognized... This exhibition retraces about a year and a half of shows of the association Broadway French, accompanied by some photos of the collective of artists La D.R.A.G. - Rigorous Direction of the Glamorous Approximations. These are many artists who allowed us to discover the world of drag, show photography, and especially extraordinary people." - Coralie, President of MultiRegard.

Show | Cabaret La D.R.A.G.

Janvier 26, 8pm


"It's better to laugh than to not care."

The D.R.A.G - *Direction Rennaise des Approximations Glamours* - presents its cabaret show in which four soloists follow each other and go wild, each one using his own artistic disciplines to propose a form where softly irreverent humor meets contemplative paintings, and where the stage becomes the ground of the absurdity of the world.


Screening and discussion | The Call to Dance

31 January, 6:30pm

A documentary by Diane Fardoun / Screenskin Collective

This documentary is part of a series on dances around the world, the first episode of which was made in Senegal. Through a succession of stories, it aims to capture the beauty of danced moments in the heart of the action, to reveal that precious moment when the tipping of consciousness gives way to instinct, identity, claims, traditions, escape... What is the source of this force that puts humans in motion? And quite simply, why do people dance?

Following the screening, the film's team will be present for a discussion with the audience.

A film by Diane Fardoun, 2018

A show programmed as part of the Waterproof festival, dive into the dance!

Appel à la Danse



January 31st, 4:30 pm

Pauline and Nolwenn consider each new creation as an adventure, a path towards a dance accessible to the greatest number of people, regardless of generation or social class. Their approach is to go and meet an "out of the ordinary" public in everyday common areas of social groupings. Their desire is to create a link, to build a bridge between contemporary dance and everyday life.

Choreography : Pauline Sonnic and Nolwenn Ferry

Interpretation : Alexandre Artaud, Pauline Sonnic and Nolwenn Ferry

Musical editing : Thomas Bouetel

This show is part of the Waterproof festival, dive into the dance